My-lord sound was founded in 2003, After the return of Sister Ellen and Ranking Levy from Jamaica, the Idea to set up a sound was in there minds, until the final decision came up in one bright day at st. Elizabeth JA, and then the name “My-Lord sound” was chosen. The sound was formed with a mission to play a wide variety of Jamaican foundation music, which at the time was not played what so ever at Tel-Aviv’s/ Israel’s night clubs and bars. Sister Ellen started spinning Levy’s selection of old Jamaican 45″s & LP’s from 17th north parade- Randy’s JA, and the vibes were inspired a lot from sounds like King Stur Gav, and the music often played on
Rae-town on a Sunday night. The first test appearance of My Lord crew was at “Sofa-Beat” night- club on a Tuesday night, that was a night when Sister Ellen played the music alone, and the crowed excepted and embraced the music with great interest, due to the success of the first night, on the second night Ranking Levy roped in, in a Unique DJ style, that seasoned the music in a traditional Jamaican patios presentation. The style: mainly good old Jamaican music played from vinyl alone (no CDs!well, sometimes specials and dubs), starting from old time Mento, Ska, Rock-Steady, Roots all the way to foundation Dancehall and everything presented in a Rub a Dub style. So My-lord sound duo was formed, the first couple in Israel to form a sound, with a choice to focus in the old and not the new, in an ambition to introduce the people: the deep roots and sources of nowadays dancehall, and to expose the hidden and rare sides of Jamaican music. Since the sound was formed the couple had the chance to perform on the same stage, with a fine list of some great foundation artist, such as: Lone Ranger, U Brown, Carlton Livingston, Eak a Mouse, Soul Stereo, Echo Minott, Mr. Williamz, General Levy and more. In their last visit to J.A (2k6) Ranking Levy had the chance to DJ for the legendary U- Roy’s King Stur- Gav- alongside Little Twich, Puddy Roots, General Trees and Al Pancho. And as well to cut some rare metal dub plate specials in Kingston. In April 2K7, on of the greatest Jamaican DJs of all times- Ranking Joe alongside General Lee had appeared Live on My-Lord sound show case, it’s important to mention the fact that Sister Ellen was the only female selecta in Reggae history to select for Ranking Joe. In August-September 2k7 we had the privilege to host Brother Culture for an existing Israel tour that shook Israel like an earthquake. Also in September 2k7 we toured Spain and had the honor to open the Spanish Clash, and also to Rock it in the magical Isle of Sardinia. In August 2008, at Sardinia international Reggae festival, My-Lord sound had a “mentor Congregation”, when we finally met the mighty Brigadier “General” Jerry- For a Live Session on the sound, Ranking Joe & Al Campbell also Roped in- and history was made. at the same night on the microphone stand was: Eroll Belott, Chanter & Brother Culture. A night to remember. In may-June 2010 a Tour with Mungo’s Hi Fi in Scotland and an unforgettable dance at the Brixton’s Hootananny-London City. In that same tour Ranking Levy had recorded his first officially released tune on Mungo’s own Scotch Bonnet label, 12″ title track: “New York Boogie” with Lady Ann on the other side and Little John and Jah Thomas on the same Riddim, following that track Ranking Levy voiced the tune “Madman style” for Jahtari label on “Jahtarian Dubbers vol. 3 LP”.
In Total My Lord sound toured: Spain, Italy, Sardinia, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Bulgaria, Germany, all of Israel from north to south and also several radio appearances in NYC. Levy & Ellen are husband & wife in real life.

Ellen G- My Lord Art & Graphics
Pretentiously speaking, a visual revolution and re-creation had to be dun in the Reggae art world. After the digitalization of the graphic world in Jamaica’s album cover art- some thing of the soul was affected or maybe even defected. The aphesis after let’s say 1987 was on speed and not quality – visually speaking; it became too cold and the human touch was lost, and also the humor (generally speaking – there were also some great covers then).
Ellen was a painter and an artist from day one, she begun drawing as a child in Russia there she studied the classic touch and technique. From there on along with (Me) Ranking Levy that studied advertising and copywriting the couple had started to design the posters and flyers for our own sessions- the first official flyer was when we brought Sister Nancy to Israel for the first time (circa 2009). We felt at the time that designers don’t really specify and know the visual history and small nuisances of Rub a Dub music, we found ourselves researching more and more the aesthetics of label designs from the 50’s to 80’s, and receiving great inspiration from artists like Jamaal Pete- the great realist of Jamaica’s sleeve art, Liomonious – the godfather of Jamaican comics, Tony Mcdermott the wild designer and artist that created Greensleeves. We felt that the style being made by other graphic designers (at the time we started-2009) is far from the roots of the genre. And therefore got the urge to give visual manifestation that will represent the music we love so dearly. Ellen started to use all kinds and types of techniques; whether its pencils, pens, oil painting, water colors, ink returning to the old school methods of poster design (funny thing is her grandmother was a propaganda poster designer in the Soviet Union). With the conceptual design and art directing of Levy – we started creating our own language that caught the attention of the great label from Scotland –Scotch Bonnet run by Mungo’s Hi Fi, right after they saw the flyer we did for their tour in Israel – they commissioned our first international projects, so actually Ellen first design was for Ranking Levy’s 1st release “New York Boogie” (on the same riddim with Jah Thomas, Little John, Sugar Minott & Lady Ann) after that came Supertone rec. from Brixton with “Dem no Ruff like we”, Jahtari- Solo Banton Music addict, Curtis Lynch’s – Necessary Mayhem, Benny Page, Salomon Heritage, and more Jahtari and more Mungo’s, and more poster and flyers locally and internationally. We also had the honor to feature our works at the exhibition called “Art in the Dancehall (2012)” that was in Birmingham & London curated by Al fingaz & Shimmy Shimmy as a part of Jamaica’s 50 years celebrations and in association with Puma.


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